Admiria was designed and released in 2023 with the aim of responding to the health needs of women and with investment in the magnificent Sultanate of Oman.

Admiria is a new brand from VatanZarin, with a successful background in presenting similar brands in the middle east markets. Admiria is our first step in the GCC region to enhance consumer access to our famine care products.


Our products are the result of more than 40 years of experience of VatanZarin Group in the field of feminine care products in the Middle East.
In the process of designing and manufacturing of Admiria, all efforts have been made to use the latest knowledge and technology and best quality raw materials to ensure serenity, safety and health of our consumers.

Our Values

Our belief is not just a profitability,
it's a commitment based on:

Emphasize to sustainable environment.


Continuous effort.

Sustainable and powerful relationship with consumers.


Our Purpose

As an exclusive women’s brand, we are constantly trying to develop a diverse, practical and quality collection of products and related services. We also try to be available to provide these products to support women in every corner of the world.
Admiria will always try to be by your side in creating a continuous day experience.

Our believes

We believe that women contribute at least half of every society power to success and prosperity. Obviously, menstruation has a vast impact and limitation on women’s life and their role in society.
A continuous life without limits is an ideal image of a world which all members of society, especially women, can strive freely to achieve their goals without any worries. In this utopia the only thing they need for success is their capabilities and inherent competencies.


We are also taking care of the sustainability of our environment and the society we are living in.