At what age does the period start?

At what age does the period start?

At what age does the period start? At what age does the first menstruation usually occur? These are the questions that many users search for. Most of the girls have their period from the age of 12, but this number is not certain. Sometimes it happens that some women experience this from the age of eight and some at the age of thirteen. But, it is recommended that if you have a period outside of this range, you must see a doctor. Also, “Till what age do we have periods?” is a question that is asked many times, which we have fully reviewed it on the relevant page.

The first menstruation indicates that puberty has been reached and a girl can become pregnant.

What are the signs of start of the first period in girls?

• Development of pubic hair such as thicker hair on the legs and visible hair under the arms.
• Development of acne on the face or body.
• Breast growth.
• Increased size of the thighs.

Puberty in a girl depends on several things and the period age is not certain. But the most important ones are physical development, genetics, quality of nutrition, place of living and emotional states. Diseases that are experienced at a young age are also important. For example, if a girl is ahead of her peers in physical development from birth, the first menstruation occurs earlier than others. On the contrary, if the child is weak, her maturity will be delayed.

More examples: If the mother and grandmother get their period early, the baby girl will probably get her period earlier. If the child has frequent colds, suffers from tonsils, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, one can expect a change in her cycle. Medicines can also delay or accelerate puberty.

The main symptom of the first menstruation is bleeding. Its volume is about 50-150 ml. At the first day, bleeding is less. The flow is very high on the second day and then decreases again.

Symptoms of the first period

Menstruation is associated with weakness, pain in the lower third of the abdomen. Subsequently, these symptoms are maintained in subsequent periods and occur periodically throughout the life of an elderly woman.

The characteristic smell of menstrual blood is associated with an increase in the secretory activity of the mucous glands of the vagina, which produce a special secretion.

On time menstruation is an indicator of women’s health. You should know that treatment of period pain is possible.

Long cycle in children

What should girls who are waiting for their first period know?

To begin with, they should note that in the first months their cycle will be irregular and this should not be a cause for concern.

A normal menstrual cycle should be between 21 and 35 days from the first day. In different women, bleeding varies between 2 to 5 days with an average intensity of 20 to 60 ml.

However, menstrual cycle disorders can also be triggered by the impact of various environmental factors. Sudden weight loss, weight gain and stress have a similar effect.

Premature menstruation

“At what age do girls get their period?” a question that is often asked, but you should know that if you get your period before the age of eight, of course it can be said that you have had an early period.

Premature menstruation stops growth, so if it starts at age 8 or earlier, you should definitely see a gynecologist. Premature menstruation is either related to reduced ovarian reserve, or to hormonal collapse, or to inadequate nutrition. It can also happen due to excessive physical activity.

It should be noted that the child’s sexual maturity is primarily related to the state of the brain.

Some experts believe that early menstruation shortens the reproductive age of women. This means that menopause will also occur earlier compared to peers. Others find a link between early puberty and an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, vascular disorders, and thyroid problems.

Deviation from the norm due to climate

The onset of menstruation is influenced by the amount of light and the season. Girls mature earlier in southern and eastern countries. Stress is also a very strong factor. It can delay the cycle or stimulate it earlier.

How long will my first period last?

Periods usually last between 2 and 7 days, but every body is different. If your period often lasts longer than 7 days, talk to your parents or doctor. In relation to this issue, be sure to read the article on the “Causes of early periods.”

How much blood will I lose during my first period?

It may seem like you’re losing a lot of blood, but it’s actually only 3-5 tablespoons. You may also be interested to know that not only blood comes out of your vagina during your period, but tissue from the lining of the uterus also comes out. It’s also common to find blood clots on pads and sanitary napkins, so don’t panic.

Late menstruation

Late menstruation means starting from the age of 16-17 years and above. If a girl does not have mammary glands at the age of 15, we are talking about late puberty. Why it happens: Whether it’s a personal feature or a deviation, it should be investigated by a gynecologist/endocrinologist.

Menstruation at the age of 16-20 can mean the following:

• Insufficient ovarian function
• Pathological growth of the uterus
• Any disorder of the pituitary gland
• Neuropsychiatric disorder

Nutrition in the first period

Usually, the first period disturbs a person both mentally and physically. Bleeding also causes minerals and vitamins to leave the body. Therefore, it is recommended to first use the mentioned substances to treat period pain, and also use vegetables, bran and foods containing iron to compensate for fiber and vitamins. Also, in case of vitamin deficiency, you can use substances containing vitamins or in the form of tablets. You can also read answers to questions similar to your question in the FAQ section.

In this article, Admiriya has tried to give a comprehensive answer to all your questions about “At what age does the period start?” If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or criticisms, write them down in the comments section.

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